August 5


Time for an Adventure: Come Fly with Us

Edge Adventures Goes Global

If you have survived the last year and now appreciate why travelling is the best thing ever, then you are gonna love this. We have been keeping a BIG secret but we can finally tell you all what we have been up to!

Edge Adventures is going Global

You already know that we work with young, autistic and learning-disabled people aged 18-35, but did you also know that our young people love, love, love, travelling with us.

Why you deserve to travel now

We are passionate about young people travelling without limits. Our young folk have told us that they want to have independent adventures, experience other cultures, try new activities and mostly have a brilliant time with other like-minded young folk. A lot of them also said they felt overwhelmed by the booking process, unsure of what to do in different places and frightened of travelling alone.

Travelling the world is about people. Edge hires great people and it makes us the company we are, we are never beige and we are never boring. We encourage and celebrate individuality, diversity, good health and a little bit of craziness. We celebrate our young people being young and we get that they see the world through youthful eyes. We’re adventurous in all that we do and we all travel and get outdoors, we believe in pushing our feet into the dirt to feel the earth, dipping our toes in the ocean to feel the chill. We do push the boundaries, we are open to new ideas, we like to stay relevant and dynamic. One of the most important things we’ve learned along our journey: do things with passion or not at all.

The Vision behind the Dream

I set up Edge Adventures with the primary goal of enabling the 18-35 year old autistic and learning-disabled community to travel without limits and make new friends. A person-centred approach and inherent conviction there should be no limits to what young, autistic folk could achieve have driven the organisation forward.  Initially, we started with Scotland-based adventures, but lots of the young people told me they wanted to go further, so here we are going global. Now autistic and learning-disabled young folk can travel with their peers and meet new friends in amazing places.

Where are we going?

To make sure we can cover all of your bucket list destinations are some of the places we will be travelling to in 2022

Edge Adventures Travel Destinations 2022
  • Spanish Canary Islands – Surfing Experience
  • Iceland – Northern Lights and Ice Caves
  • Tanzania and Zanzibar – The Big Five on Safari
  • Turkey – Quad Bikes, Jeep Safaris and Rooms in Caves
  • New York City – shop till you drop!!
  • Japan – Tokyo, Anime and Disneyland

All of our trips and adventures will be fully staffed by experienced Edge staff to ensure you have the BEST trip ever. Edge was given scores of 6-Excellent by the Care Inspectorate – we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and always deliver the highest quality support.

Sounds great but how much?

We have teamed up with a travel specialist, Kirstie from Travel Counsellors. Kirstie has 2 autistic sons and understands the challenges travel can present. Combining our expertise of supporting young autistic and learning-disabled people and Kirstie’s specialist travel knowledge we have come up with the best prices we can to enable folk to get the most out of their experiences while giving families/parents and carers peace of mind that their young person is in safe, trusted and reliable hands. All of our prices are on the website, and all of our adventures are at least 7 days long.

If you do not have an existing budget, then we would encourage you to get in touch with us to speak to us about potential funding options. Once you have decided where you want to go, give us lots of notice so we can contact funders for an assessment of your situation.

Success, success, success

Originally from Australia, I have travelled extensively and made life-long memories, learnt about new cultures and [hopefully] improved my outlook on life.

The joy and successes of our young people coming home from trips, proud of themselves for achieving ‘bucket list’ activities like abseiling, quad biking, bungee jumping and more, is a delight to see. It is never just about the adventure, it is about young people building confidence and improving social success, meeting new friends and re-connecting with old ones and most of all, laughing till their sides hurt.

We want as many young folk as possible to have these experiences and we can’t wait to be part of it!

Get in touch

If you want to chat through any of our adventures, international or otherwise, please get in touch and our team will be happy to chat through any questions you might have. Click the Contact Us link below or give us a call on 0131 285 8930.

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