Respite Eligibility

Am I eligible To Join an Adventure with Edge?

FAQs from Edge Adventures

Who We Support

We assess each individual, and their situation to make sure as many people as possible can participate in the awesome adventures we run. We are always happy to discuss individual needs so please get in touch with us if you have any queries or want to discuss anything with us.

We support the following abilities. 

  • Autism/Aspergers
  • Mild Learning Disabilities
  • Down Syndrome
  • Hearing Impaired
  • Visually Impaired
  • Short Stature
  • Amputee(s)
FAQs from Edge Adventures

What Happen's Now?

For any individuals joining an adventure with Edge, we require the following information to allow us to fully confirm your booking;

  1. Signed consent forms
  2. Individual risk assessment & profile
  3. Liability form including emergency contacts and GP details

We request this information to allow us to create a unique profile for each individual to ensure you are supported in the best possible way for your needs. The support we offer lets you really enjoy your adventure holiday without any added stresses of going away for a short break, including assisting with any associated paperwork.

Once you book your short break, day trip or club, we will be in touch and one of our team will go through everything with you, making sure we have everything we need to support you on your adventure with Edge.

Why Book With Edge Adventures?

Transition Done Differently

We take a real-life approach to autism, learning-disabilities and transitions!

Supported domestic, and global, travel and adventure for autistic and learning-disabled young people.

Achieving their own outcomes, supported by our specialist team, allows young people to realise and take pride in their own success.

To gain confidence, improve social skills, practice independence and increase resilience, with specialist Edge input.

It is never just about the adventure. It is about young people building confidence and improving social success, meeting new friends and reconnecting with old ones and most of all, laughing till their sides hurt.” - Sam, MD


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