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How To Pay For A Respite Adventure With Edge

We want to make sure paying for your adventure holiday, short break, day trip or club session with Edge is as straightforward as possible which is why we’ve got options!

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You have many different options when it comes to paying for an adventure with Edge, from direct payments through to SDS and other funding sources.

Direct Payments

You can pay Edge Adventures directly via direct bank transfer or paying online via a credit/debit card 

Self Directed Support / Other Funding Source

For SDS, or Self Directed Support, local authorities have to assess a person's care needs and must provide the following;

  • Give individuals different choices to meet their care and support needs
  • Give individuals information and advice so they are able to choose the best things for them
  • Help people who find it hard to make decisions so they can get support with choosing and deciding

Self Directed Support is available to those who have had an assessment by their local authority and are deemed to require additional support to enable them to become independent and lead a fulfilling life through informed decision-making and fully supported experiences.

There are 4 options for SDS

Option 1 - You Take A Direct Payment

  • You receive a direct payment that lets you can then purchase your own support via a 3rd party (for example, Edge Adventures)

Option 2 - You Decide & Your Local Authority Organises Support

  • You decide what happens but your local authority makes all of the necessary arrangements

Option 3 - Local Authority Decides & Arranges Support

  • Your local authority makes all of the arrangements, this option gives you less control but you don't need to worry about payments has your local authority will handle all of the payment related admin

Option 4 - Mix & Match

  • A mix and match from the options above that you are eligible for can be used to arrange and pay for your support and/or respite

Not Sure If You Are Eligible? Get In Touch

If you are not sure whether or not you are eligible for SDS, or any other type of funding, please do get in touch with us. We work closely with a number of organisations and charities that provide additional support for all types of disabilities, including autism and learning disabilities. 

We will happily signpost these funding options to you to allow you to get the support that you are entitled to, whether this is for supported living and/or respite.

Edge Adventures' Booking Team Takes The Stress Out Of Booking

Call us on 0131 2858930

One of our experienced booking team will take you through the entire process and answer any questions or concerns you might have.

Text / Whatsapp on 07842 324896

One of our experienced team will get back to you to arrange a call to go through the booking process at a time that is convenient for you.

Why Book With Edge Adventures?

Transition Done Differently

We take a real-life approach to autism, learning-disabilities and transitions!

Supported domestic, and global, travel and adventure for autistic and learning-disabled young people.

Achieving their own outcomes, supported by our specialist team, allows young people to realise and take pride in their own success.

To gain confidence, improve social skills, practice independence and increase resilience, with specialist Edge input.

It is never just about the adventure. It is about young people building confidence and improving social success, meeting new friends and reconnecting with old ones and most of all, laughing till their sides hurt.” - Sam, MD


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