Job title

Support worker - helping to build life skills for independent living whilst enjoying a wide variety of adventurous and fun activities.

Celebrity crush

Jennifer Beales circa Flashdance.

Weirdest thing about you

I've been known to separate food items on my plate. I personally believe it's categorising to save the best bits to the end.

Biggest achievement

My baby girl Ruby and the miracle of her survival with us this long! Also running 150km across the Sahara desert (Marathon Des Sables).

If you could write your own job title that best describes what you do here, what would it be?

Jack of all trades, Master of none...

Fun fact about me

I won a blue peter badge for being a runner up in the "Lord Mayor Cake Design Competition' 11-14 yr age group.

Credentials prior to working with Edge

Travelled the world

Fire Service for 25yrs and still going, retire in 5 yrs

Swift water rescue technician, loads of other stuff fire service related

Favourite place in the world

Peru/ Machu Picchu. Top of the bucket list for my 40th birthday but saw some awesome places on my travels.

What do you like about working with Edge

Having been lucky to go on an Edge Adventure and seeing first-hand the achievements gained when allowing the young people the freedom to explore their capabilities was a real privilege. Working in a 1-2-1 environment nurturing independent living. Edge also has a great diverse staff team giving it a real sense of community, always on hand to support one another when needed. This makes it the perfect combination.

What I enjoy doing outside of work

I'm a bit of a fit fanatic, I get a bit twitchy when I'm not active. Open water swimming, cycling, running, gym. Also walks with friends and dogs. Blethering and drinking in good company.

Makes me different

I'm old! Well a bit older than a lot of the staff. I like to think maybe my life experiences and career in the fire service gives me a good all round personality for understanding and nurturing the different clients with Edge. And who doesn't like to be referred to as 'my gran!'

Inside Edge

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