Job title

Support Worker

Favourite quote
"Gie it laldy" 
Celebrity crush


The most embarrassing thing about me

Once when on holiday during an entertainment challenge the girls were asked to collect shorts or trousers from men in the audience. One girl asked me for my shorts but I forgot, in the mad rush of the game, that I was commando! Luckily I was wearing a VERY LONG t-shirt haha!... Then as if that wasn't embarrassing enough, all of us guys had to go on stage and do the chicken dance to get our shorts/trousers back!!

The weirdest thing about me

My surname (Dommershuizen)

Biggest achievement

Working in Canada.

If I could write my own job description it would be...

Full time multitasking ninja

Favourite place in the world

Calgary, Canada

What do you like about working with Edge

Get to work with awesome people and help make a difference to their lives. 

What I enjoy doing outside of work

Golf, snowboarding, walking my dog Jambo, trips away in the caravan.

Makes me different

I am a calm and understanding person who people can open up to.

Inside Edge

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