Job title

Community Support Worker - My job consists of being a mentor to young autistic humans whilst they navigate from adolescence to adulthood!

Favourite quote
"Autistic people are just running off of a different operating system. Can you imagine trying to navigate an iPhone with instructions for an Android?" 
Most embarrassing thing about me

I thought Bill Nye the Science Guy's real name was Bill New Years Eve until I was 26 years old.

The weirdest thing about me

Sometimes I let my Chihuahua lick my ice cream cones. 

Biggest achievement

Definitely my education! Finishing things hasn't always been my best skill! - Finally, finishing something so big made me feel like I had a purpose again! 

Fun fact

I have three Marvel tattoos and let my nephew choose which ones I get next!

Credentials prior to working with Edge

Customer service, retail, fast food, motor sector, deliveries, child care and home care - the position I held the longest was a Call Centre Advisor. My favourite position was a Team Leader within a call centre. 

Favourite place in the world

Italy (my dog isn't there so I get the ice cream to myself)

What do you like about working with Edge

I like that they promote a judgement-free place to work and always push the recognition of strengths first. I love the different parts of Edge around adventures and SUP too!

What I enjoy doing outside of work

Walking my little Chihuahua, reading, cooking, listening to music, watching movies, off-roading, kayaking and date nights with my partner.

Makes me different

I love learning and enjoy improving myself - So I love to hear about everyone else's coping mechanisms and share my own; while we all navigate through this world together!

Inside Edge

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