Job title

Operations Assistant - ensuring a smooth business environment with a focus on performance efficiency throughout the different departments. Basically trying to help people stay organised (including myself)

Favourite quote
"Not all those who wander are lost." J.R.R.Tolkein
The weirdest thing about me

I have to turn switches off if there is nothing plugged into them, even if it means getting up in front of a room full of people in a work meeting or at a social event.

Biggest achievement

Having my little boy Eli - He's cute

If I could write my own job description it would be...

Organiser and pro shredder.

Credentials prior to working with Edge

I have worked in Social Care for the last 12years in lots of different roles including Support Worker, Project Worker, Supported Holiday Co-ordinator and Senior Care Practitioner.

Favourite place in the world

So far Turkey but I have a lot of exploring to do.

What do you like about working with Edge

Everyday is different. I love working and being around people and the doggies are pretty great too :)

What I enjoy doing outside of work

Walking my pack of collies, swimming, parks/softplays with my son, reading, drawing, gardening, spending time with my hubby. 

Makes me different

I am not easily phased. I think it would take a lot to shock or surprise me so I can adapt to most situations I am in/put in.

Inside Edge

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