Bailey Bee

Job title

Community Coordinator. Empowering young people, encouraging self-worth and confidence, helping to shape self-identities.

Favourite quote
"No matter what people tell you; words and ideas can change the world."
Celebrity crush

Blake Lively/John Cleese

Most embarrassing thing about me

I talk to animals even when nobody else is around. I’m hoping one day they will answer me back.

Nobody knows about me

When I was a dancer, I broke my toes so many times that now they are weird looking.

Biggest achievement

Managing my mental health and still being alive.

3 words that best describes what you do at Edge

Educator, Cheerleader, Listener.

Fun fact about me

I write plays under a pseudonym.

Credentials prior to working with Edge

BSc (Hons) Psychology, MA Human-Animal Interaction, 3 years’ experience working with individuals of all ages and families with autism.

Favourite place in the world

I haven’t found my favourite place in the world yet because I still have so much more exploring to do.

What do you like about working with Edge

Knowing I can have a positive impact on someone’s life, and I love how varied the work is.

What I enjoy doing outside of work

Hobbies: Being outside, writing, reading, swimming, being with my pets, performing and learning new skills (currently trying to learn how to roller skate and play the keyboard. Neither are going great but I’m keeping at it!)

Makes me different

I come from a creative and a science background and I bring those skills to the table. I really focus on the self-esteem and self-worth of our clients.

Inside Edge

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