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Duty of Candour Annual Report 2021-22


All health and social care services in Scotland have a duty of candour as an organisation. This is a legal requirement which means that when unintended or unexpected events happen that result in death or harm as defined in the Act, the people affected understand what has happened, receive an apology, and that organisations learn how to improve for the future.

An important part of this duty is that we provide an annual report about how the duty of candour is implemented in our services. This short report describes how Edge Autism Ltd. has operated the duty of candour during the time between 1 April 2021 and 31 March 2022. We hope you find this report useful.

About Edge Adventures

Edge Adventures is part of Edge Autism, which provides support to autistic young people aged 18-35 in the Edinburgh area. Edge Adventures provides a respite breaks service for autistic and learning disabled young people of the same age group.

How many incidents occurred to which the Duty of Candour applied?

Between 1 April 2021 and 31 March 2022, there were no incidents identified where the Duty of Candour applied. These are unintended or unexpected events that result in death or harm as defined in the Act, and do not relate directly to the natural course of someone’s illness or underlying condition. 

Information about our policies and procedures

We have an incident reporting procedure which stipulates that incidents must be reported to Management within 24 hours of the occurrence. This works in concert with our Duty of Candour policy, which contains information about how and when to communicate with affected individuals/families in the event of an incident which triggers the Duty. These policies are reviewed annually.

Staff are provided with training on Duty of Candour during their induction with us, as well as with training on when and how to report incidents. They also have access to the policies and procedures outlined above.
Since incidents can have a psychological impact upon staff, we provide regular supervision sessions to all staff members in addition to incident debriefing sessions.

Additional information

As required, we have notified the Scottish Ministers that we have published this report on our website.
If you would like more information about this report, please contact us.

David Myers, Clinical Compliance Manager


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