September 15




To summarise some very lengthy documents and discussions with the Edge Management team, Care Inspector, City of Edinburgh and our third-party providers, Edge Autism and Edge Adventures will conduct business in the following way;


·         Continue ‘day trips’ for those individuals aged 18 and over to take part in organised activity outdoors with Edge Autism and/or Edge Adventures

·         “We are taking the view that ‘organised outdoor activity’ includes a range of activities such as kayaking, hiking, biking and bushcraft. These are delivered by third-party guides, coaches, and instructors, and we are satisfied that they are delivering activities with appropriate regulations and guidelines in place. All of our third-party providers must supply up to date health & safety risk assessments to Edge Autism for our approval. 

·         Continue to provide Edge Autism clients support through access to outdoor activities. These will include social ‘meet-ups’ in line with the law. 


·         Be able to accommodate requests to participate in organised indoor activity until further notice, including climbing centres, trampoline parks, gym access and swimming pools – this list is not exhaustive. Edge staff must ensure they follow their legal obligations under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974.  

·         Be able to start groups at ‘The Cove’ that exceed two households, until further notice. You can still book time there, but it must be pre-booked and authorised.

·         Be able to run any overnight trips, including Badaguish on the 19th October, until such time as the law changes. We will honour the current ‘booked places’ at a later date. 

Please see here for current, comprehensive information from The Scottish Government:

**Please Note: The following Edge Adventures trips WILL go ahead as planned.

Mountain Biking 18/09/20

Splash white water Rafting 26/09/20

Bushcraft by Primal 10/10/20

If you have any questions, please get in touch as soon as possible and the team will endeavour to answer all of your questions. 

Please respond to this email with a “READ AND RECEIVED” as a matter of priority.


Samantha Roberts

Managing Director

Edge Autism & Adventures

0131 285 8930


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