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Dungeons & Dragons Club

The Cove @ Edge, Musselburgh

17th January 2022

3 hours weekly on Mondays @ 5pm

6 - 10

The Cove @ Edge, Musselburgh

Edge Adventures, Musselburgh


Dungeons & Dragons Club

From: £19.50


The DnD Adventure League is here to unite fellow gamers for the winter months...and beyond!

Sessions will take place in our cosy social club area ‘The Cove’, around our new custom made table-top gaming table.

Play as one of our exciting pre-made characters or create your own!

More About DnD

Discover New Worlds

  • Has the end of Critical Role’s last campaign left you needing a DnD fix, or are you thinking about picking up the Player’s Handbook for the first time? Either way, you’re in luck!
  • Our experienced dungeon master will guide you through a world of magic and monsters - work together with your fellow adventurers to complete exciting quests, battle fantastical creatures and have a lot of fun along the way
  • Limited spaces – you must be able to commit to a regular meet-up

What's included


1:3 Edge Staff Group Ratio as standard. If you feel that you require more intensive support, please discuss with the booking team. 


Our very own Dungeon Master, Gabe will guide you through the mystical realms with your fellow adventurers

Fancy discovering new realms and going on epic adventures?

Prime your character, meet new friends and join the club!

You can book online or get in touch with our team who will be happy to chat through any questions you might have

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