About Edge Adventures

Our Story

Edge Adventures was born around a campfire in 2018.

I set up Edge Adventures with the primary goal of enabling the 18-35 year old autistic and learning-disabled community to travel without limits and make new friends. I started my first business, Edge Autism in 2015. A ‘person-centered’ approach and inherent conviction there should be no limits to what young, autistic folk could achieve has driven the organisation forward.   

We’re proudly part of Edge Autism Limited, a 6-star care at home and community service for autistic teenagers in Edinburgh & the Lothians. We don’t just think we are the best, we can prove it. 

We support Scottish enterprise and have exciting collaborations coming to market over the next 18 months. We are growing all the time, safe in the knowledge that the bigger we get, the more good we do.     

What We Do

●     We use a combination of outdoors, wilderness and water to improve young people’s emotional and physical well-being.

●     Edge Adventures will combine our expertise of working with autistic and learning-disabled young people and our specialist knowledge of outdoors, wilderness and water. We know that the impact this can have on young lives is trans formative. 

●     The powerful impact of the outdoors, wilderness and water helps our young people gain greater understanding of themselves and how they connect with others, which leads to lasting positive change.

●     We want all autistic and learning-disabled young people to have the confidence to develop positive relationships and address social isolation and loneliness.

●     With a focus on outdoors, wilderness and water, our young people become fitter, healthier and more confident young adults.

●     Edge Adventures supports young people to build resilience, confidence and improve on ability. We focus on an individual’s strengths, equipping them with essential life skills, and building confidence, improving their future potential.

●     All programmes will be underpinned by innovative and ground-breaking research. Impact and evaluation have been embedded in Edge Autism since day one. All programmes will evaluate wellbeing change from a participant and whole-group perspective. We will also work with parents and referral partners to obtain their perspectives on changes to the young people we support.

●     Edge Adventures, through outdoors, wilderness and water, will focus on individuals’ wellbeing including self-esteem, resilience, confidence, social trust, positive functioning and friendships.

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