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About Edge

Edge Group Scotland is the only additional support needs [ASN] social care provider in the UK with their own disability stand-up paddleboard school.

We work exclusively with autistic and learning-disabled young adults who are transitioning into adulthood and want greater independence and control in choosing their own path. We are proud to be person-centred support specialists, evidence-based practitioners and mentors for all of our Edge young people.  

Edge Group Scotland comprises three departments;

  • Edge Autism: Specialises in transition and offers person-centred, at-home support for autistic and learning-disabled young adults, aged 18-35
  • Edge Adventures: Fully supported autism-friendly holidays, respite adventure breaks, supported epic days out and weekly supported clubs
  • Edge Disability SUP: Provides stand-up paddleboarding for all people with a physical, sensory or learning disability. A welcoming, accessible and inclusive SUP School

It is our mission, to inspire ASN young people in Scotland, to develop and maximise their potential through holistic, person-centred support. To motivate change, celebrate independence and inform the transition to adulthood. Believe, transform, achieve.

Our core values of person-centred, holistic health, evidence-based practice and authenticity are at the centre of what we do.

Edge Group Scotland Limited

Edge Group provides the social care sector in Scotland with a quality-based approach to supporting our young ASN community. We employ autistic and neurotypical support staff, ensuring that inclusion is at the heart of what we do. We are registered and regulated by the Care Inspectorate, Scotland.

Founded and based in Lothian, we are dedicated to providing local people with our specialist support services. Our entire operation is run and overseen by a Registered Mental Health nurse, with over 30 years of experience. 

Edge has been providing specialist support since 2016 and has grown and developed alongside our young people and families who inform our growth. We continue to offer bespoke, individualised, person-centred support that focuses on transitions, wellness, change and independent living skills. We are 100% authentic and we tell it like it is. 

We are a successful, established brand within social care, with a proven track record of believing in our young people, supporting their transformation and applauding their success. 

Mission/Vision Statement

Our mission is to inspire ASN young people in Scotland, to develop and maximise their potential through holistic, person-centred support. To motivate change, celebrate independence and inform the transition to adulthood.

Core Values 

Person-Centred: Supports young people to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to effectively manage and make informed decisions about their own path. It is coordinated and tailored to the needs of the individual.

Holistic Health: Looks at the whole person, not just their autism, learning disability or mental health needs. Our support also focuses on their physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing.

Evidence-based: Recognised as the gold standard for the delivery of safe and effective person-centred support. We constantly assess and review our practice giving us the ability to evolve and provide individualised support that improves our outcomes.

Authenticity: Our words, actions, and behaviours consistently match our core beliefs. People who are authentic bring their whole selves to their jobs and participate fully and honestly in the workplace. Authenticity and integrity are essential. 

Our Services 

Edge Group offers a range of services for ASN young people, both locally, nationally and internationally. Our options include, but are not limited to:

  • 1:1 specialist support at home
  • Respite adventure breaks
  • Weekly supported activity and social clubs
  • Day trips and supported holidays [local, national and international]
  • Build-your-own 1:1 supported breaks
  • Disability SUP school [seasonal]
  • Transitions day programme for ASN school leavers

Outdoors. Wilderness. Water.

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